Land Grabs Victims File Complaint

Land Grabs Victims File Complaint
Written by DAP NEWS -- Thursday, 13 August 2009 02:47

Cambodians from across the kingdom gathered to submit just over 119,000

thumbprints to the Cambodian Government as a complaint over illegal land

confiscations and encroachment
Representatives from 19 various provinces had banded together to peak

for all Cambodian victims of land grabs by local authorities and private

companies, representatives told DAP News Cambodia on Wednesday.

They together made a formal complaint on August 11 during a press

conference prepared by the World Vision organization. There were

victims of 29 cases of land trespassing, and forestry and fisheries

case present, representatives explained.
“According to this case, we come to Phnom Penh to protest and file

a law suit to the Cambodian Government to ask them for give a good

solution for us,” one said.
Seng Sokheng, a community representative from Oddor Meanchey

province, said that “Upon our first consideration we filed a suit because

all of us believed in local authorities´ resolution first, but it was the

opposite of what we needed. There was no way to get a good

resolution for us.”
Seng Thvel, a member of a Ratanakkiria ethnic minority, told

DAP News Cambodia that “we are depend on farming … [but]

some rich men and high-ranking officers trespassed upon our

ancient lands.”
“We have no land to plant or grow rice, so our money dwindles

because of we have no land to produce.”
A representative of CHRAC Ny Chakriya said with feeling

“I am very sorrowed by all of their needs because they have no

choice to count on their rice fields. If the cunning trespass upon

their lands, it causes to lose all hope for life.”
One civil society organization’s statement urged “balance,”

asking that “all relevant Cambodian institutions should take

action and give a good resolution in a balanced manner.

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