Singapore Investment, Cambodian Corns Hope

Singapore Investment, Cambodian Corns Hope
Written by DAP NEWS -- Thursday, 13 August 2009 02:49

Plans to export US$15 million worth of Cambodian corn to

Singapore have to produce animal feeding has raised

hopes after last month’s drop in the price of corn.
Datto Jonny General Manager of Corn Agricultural Co. Ltd.,

(H.L.H) told DAP News Cambodia that “our corns export

investment spans over 12,000 ha of planted corn and

10,000 ha in Kampong Speu province and Orral district.”
He said he would buy unprocessed corn at US$115 per ton

and processed corn at US$140.
“We want to push to Cambodian corn output to improve the

yearly exports to the Asian market,” he said, adding that

the plan should help bolster the farm gate price of corn in

“To increase the price of Camb-odian corn at market, we

need to use agricultural tools from France and improve

the output of corn for 300,000kg a day.”
Secretary of State for the Ministry of Commerce Mao Thora

told DAP News Cambodia that “We welcome to all investors

who wish to invest in Cambodia to help the Cambodian corn

reach a stable price.”
Director of Center for Develo-pment of Agriculture in

Cambodia (CEDAC) Yang Saing Koma said the corns

price at market is still decreasing. “It is good for investment

in corn. If some investors come to invest in Cambodia, the

price will be better than in the past and Cambodian farmers

will be happy with an appropriate price.”
Jonny claimed that, “Our farming, not only plants corn, we also

have many various parties invest and buy our output.”

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