Cambodian Youth Unemployment a UN Concern

Cambodian Youth Unemployment a UN Concern
Written by DAP-NEW -- Wednesday, 12 August 2009 02:18

The UN General Secretary on Tuesday shared in public his concerns that an increasing number of Cambodia’s youth face unemployment unless the global economic downturn lifts.

International Youth Day, with the subject Sustainability and Our Facing the Future, calls for all youths and teenagers to become involved in combating the effects of the downturn.

Sean Borath, secretary of state for the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, said that the global economic crisis has impacted the Camb- odian youth “because it bankrupted investments and made all companies in Cambodia consider stopping running their businesses.

The Government, he continued, believes “No Youths, No development. The Government had cited the education sector as a priority to human resource capacity building.”

Executive Director of the Youth for Development Organization Cheang Sokha said that, “For my organization’s purposes, we really need new generations to be involved to develop our country to be green. In the past, our organization found funds from the various donors to support to Cambodian youth.”

“There is a problem of climate change, beside unemployment increasing,” the Civil General Secretary of the UN confirmed. The term “Ecologic Debt” was used for the climate change, because today’s youth will have to deal with the consequences of their elders’ mistakes.

UN Energy and Environment Ecologist Keo Kaliyan said that, “Youths are the new generation; they must pay attention to the protection of their environment.”

In 2010, Cambodia will see an increase in temperature of between 1.35°C and 2.50°C.

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