Parents’ Disapproval Leads to Couple’s Suicide

Parents' Disapproval Leads to Couple's Suicide
Written by DAP-NEW -- Wednesday, 12 August 2009 02:16

A couple said to be deeply in love took poison to end their lives together on August 8 after their parents banned them from getting married.

A local souce told DAP News Cambodia that the couple evacuated their home for the forest and took rat poison, 300m from northern Veal Lpak village, Prasat Ballang district.

“The boy named Hang Tol and the girl named Chong Chorvon are both aged 18 and neighbors,” the local official said. Chong Chorvon ws said to be from a wealthier family than her sweetheart Hang Tol, and the two families were embroiled in a long-running feud.

Chorvon’s mother told her daughter that she could marry anybody besides Hang Tol. The girl, unable to follow her mother’s wishes, asked the boy to commit suicide in the evening after Chivon’s brother had argued with Tol´s father, the official added.

The next morning, both relatives found the dead couple, their hands tied together with a piece of the girl’s skirt, some rat poison and a piece of bread.

The official said police concluded that they together ate bread with poison and drank water after deciding they would rather die together than be apart. The bodies were buried close to one another.

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