Cambodian Appeal Court Up Holds Hang Chakra

Cambodian Appeal Court Up Holds Hang Chakra
Written by DAP-NEW -- Wednesday, 12 August 2009 02:46

Cambodian appeal court judges on Tuesday ruled Khmer Morchaksrok newspaper publisher, Hang Chakra, to be imprisoned for one year and fined 9 Million riel as the ruling made by Phnom Penh municipal court declared the verdict in June, 2009.

"I am willing to confess what I have done wrongly for the publishing in my newspaper," Hang Chakra told court.

However, he asked the judge consultant to take charges off him and to stay free.

Choung Chugni, Hang Chakra's lawyer told the court that his client is a journalist so that the court has to use media rules to charge.

"I ask the judge consultants to reject Phnom Penh court's ruling which declared the verdict on June 26, 2009 and to free my client from the prison ," Choung Chugni said in the court.

However, this declaration was refused by the government's lawyer. "I ask the judges to follow the Phnom Penh municipal court's ruling," Soun Chanthorn told the court.

"Hang Chakra did not uncover a real source of the information so that he published not properly, therefore, the court has to keep him in prison continually," he added.

However, Hang Chakra's lawyer told reporter after the court ended that he will go on with Supreme Court as saying that "I will file complaint to Supreme Court if my client request."

Hang Chakra, aged 55, was filed complaint from government's lawyer over publishing wrong information and instigating and he was arrested by police in June, 2009 in Battam Bang province following the Phnom Penh court ruled to charge him by imprison and fining 9 million riel.

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