A trip to the Aoral Mountain wildlife sanctuary with Chut Wutty in Mach 2012 - Photos posted by James C Stephens on Flickr

An attempt to discourage loggers: A review of some of the laws which prohibit logging in the area. Posted on a boundary where loggers commonly cross into the wildlife sanctuary. (All Photos: James C. Stephens on Flickr)
Effect of deforestation: Two years (in 2010), this use to be a jungle.
Illegally Cut Timber
Logging road with surrounding deforestation
River Crossing Number 2: Chut Wutty can be seen on the left, Keyla Beebe is on the right. Keyla received an international reporting fellowships from the Pulitzer Center.
Meeting between the Forest Monk and Wutty: This monk lives alone in the forest as the sole person standing between illegal loggers and the wildlife sanctuary. He has been attacked many times by the loggers who are trying to support their families.
Girdled Tree: The loggers took some anger out on the monk in the foreground by killing one a beautiful tree next to his hut. Wutty can be seen standing next to the monk.
Fixing truck in the remote jungle: (from left to right) the jungle monk, Keyla Beebe and Chut Wutty fixing the truck. Wutty is assisted by an unidentified young man.
Wutty teaching us about charcoal production on March 14, 2012

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