Farewell, John?: Is This The Last time I See Cena?

MIAMI – “A little integrity is better than any career.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
For John Cena, that sentiment may prove to be his undoing. Despite the threat of termination, Cena, acting as special guest referee, refused to compromise his integrity in order to keep his job. Instead, he called the WWE Title Match straight down the middle, allowing champion Randy Orton to retain – and possibly ending his own career in the process. (PHOTOS)
For weeks, Wade Barrett, leader of The Nexus, had threatened Cena, reminding the group’s reluctant warrior that if he were to lose to The Viper, Cena would be terminated from WWE. The Legendary star, however, refused to forfeit his principles. In fact, so determined was Cena that he rejected an offer before the bout fromR-Truth, who had volunteered to hobble Orton.
Once the match got underway, though, the Englishman appeared to hold his own against The Viper, despite the fact that The Nexus was banned from ringside. As frustration and fatigue crept in, however, Barrett focused his fury on Cena. When the Englishman shoved the special guest referee, Cena shoved back. Orton recognized the opportunity and quickly leveled the Nexus leader with an RKO. Although Cena appeared hesitant, fully aware of the consequences, he nonetheless remained true to his word, counting to three and raising Orton’s hand in victory.
In the wake of his win, the WWE Champion took a rare moment to acknowledge the selfless act of his longtime rival. As one man’s career continues to flourish, the other man’s may well be drawing to a close. And though Cena may no longer be a Superstar, he will always be a champion in the hearts of the WWE Universe.

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