Labor Day "Who Killed Chea Vichea" Documentary Incident

1. Raising the screen at Wat Laingka
2. Local authorities forcibly removing the screen
3. Mr. Rong Chhun and Mu Sochua interviewed by local and international press
4. District authority demanding removal of second screen
5. Police pushing for removal of second screen
6. Long Ri speaking with local and international press

On Saturday 1st May, many SRP MPs, including Mu Sochua, Ho Vann, Long Ri, Son Chhay, Men Sothavarin and provincial councilor, Thach Seitha, brought their support to Mr. Rong Chhun, president of the Cambodian Independent Teachers Association and the Confederation of Cambodian Unions. Mr. Chhun had planned on screening the documentary "Who killed Chea Vichea" by filmmaker Bradley Cox at Wat Laingka on Labour Day at 5pm .The video has been banned from being screened by the Cambodian authorities across the country due to the Union not being provided a proper authorization by the relevant government ministries. Yet, many including the SRP and foreign diplomats considered this non-provision a violation of freedom of speech. The SRP, through this act, aimed at emphasizing the need to respect freedom of expression by all in the country, and most importantly by official authorities.

During the event, Mr. Chhun placed a white screen to display the documentary. Very shortly after, the anti-riot police intervened and asked Mr. Chhun to bring it down. At his insistence to keep the screen up, the police resorted to bringing it down themselves and removing it to their vehicle by force. Mu Sochua and fellow MPs arrived shortly after. Mr. Chhun and MPs expressed their disappointment and disapproval to the local and international press concerning the authorities' actions. After a period of discussion with the police authorities, Mr. Chhun, with the support of MPs, brought another screen, in an attempt to go ahead with their original decision. However, the police forcibly removed the second screen. Mu Sochua announced that the video would now be screened at the SRP headquarters and again next week at Wat Laingka. "The people want the truth and justice. Chea Vichea is our hero. The video must be shown"(Mu Sochua).

SRP Cabinet

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