Solyanna Poeung Arrived in Phnom Penh

Miss Solyanna Poeung, Miss Cambodia in France
By: Khmerbird
Solyanna Poeung has arrived today at Phnom Penh International Airport. I heard she also plan to have an interview with Apsara TV and later on she will visit Siem Reap Angkor.
I heard from her last interview last time she came to Cambodia, a lot of men couldn’t stop looking at her. There’s no doubt on this because she is beautiful.
I guess this time since she become Miss Cambodia in France, what will happen to her while she walk down the street. We will find out soon !
She arrived in Phnom Penh with accompany of her parents.
Photos by Thongsin Khourn, SCA\CAMS photographer

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Prey Kbass said...

wow..she's so beautiful,I call her real!