Pattaya’s Red Shirt Procession Prepares For Bangkok Protests

By: Pattaya Daily News

Pattaya’s contribution to the Red Shirt rallies happening in Bangkok gathered in an assembly last night. The congregation staged a meeting at the Red Shirt Democracy Courtyard on Phettrakoon Road, North Pattaya before leaving for the nation’s capital.

Pattaya, the 13th of March 2010 [PDN]: Mrs. Jureephorn Sinthuphrai (Pattaya Red Shirt Chairman) along with over 1,000 Red Shirt members gathered at the North Pattaya location, preparing for Sundays procession to the Bangkok mass protests. 70 cars, 4 vans, 70 motorbikes and 2 broadcast buses had been prepared for the trip in which the Red Shirts are to “recapture democracy” by ordering a government dissolution on Monday.
Mrs. Sinthuphrai revealed that the Pattaya Red Shirt member registration numbered some 10,200 residents from Pattaya City and the surrounding districts. Two large groups preparing to descend on Bangkok with further protesters choosing to leave on Sunday morning. Over 100 members of the Pattaya Red Shirts are remaining at the Red Shirt Community Radio Station on Soi Day Night in South Pattaya due to reports that an Army contingent had been instructed to close the station down on Sunday.
Further to the information regarding the radio station closure, reports also surfaced that the government or opposition Yellow Shirt members may sabotage the Eastern Red Shirts travel plans by laying screws, nails and glass shards on the roadway to halt the procession of vehicles. Moreover, protesters were advised against accepting water from roadside revellers in case they had been laced with laxatives.
Police Lieutenant Colonel Klitsakorn Thongin (Pattaya Police Deputy Superintendent) was present at the North Pattaya gathering along with a combined police taskforce instructed to maintain the peace and ensure protesters were not arming themselves with weapons. Various officers were photographing the scene for police records.

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Rob said...

The red shirts are at it again, I understand that to have as they say a government imposed on you and not democratically elected is not what anyone would wish for. However from a point of view of Thailand the country these protests are doing irreparable damage as this country heavily relies on Tourism and as such cannot afford for foreign visitors to stay away. I do hope that people remember that all these protest are in no way aimed at any foreigners, and the chance of being caught up in any violence is extremely slim. This country is an amazing place to visit, and if you are lucky enough to see for yourself what it has to offer, I’m sure you will be longing to return. So give the Thai’s your support and visit Thailand. Check out this site for more information about Pattaya.