Khmer Krom, The History Of (2)

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The history of Khmer Krom and how it rightfuly belongs to Cambodia.
The sky is big and wide
As high as you can imagine
There is earth under the sky
As well as the forest and mountain alike
Ocean and great lake and stream as natural border
Who is Khmer-Krom living on this planet? This planet...From the 1st century to the 6th century
Funan Kingdom supported a female ruler
With lively nice body just like female should be
The first ruler to rule over the Khmer Empire. The first...
From the 6th century to the 8th century
The Khmer Kingdom's name got change
Deep sorrowness toward Land Chenla
There is only name left thru oral history. Oral history...
From the 8th century to the 13th century
Brave Khmer men and women united and fight
Lead to the great Khmer (Angkor) Empire
Chenla became the well know Khmer Empire. Khmer Empire...
In the year 1005 thru 1008
Khmer-Krom men and women faced tough life
Cheycheta the second national patriotism fell
Then the poor thieve peasant married Vietnamese wife. Vietnamese wife...


The tear is like bleeding blood withholding justice inside
The Vietnamese laugh while the Khmer cried under one-self
Mad at the Khmer King falling in love with Vietnamese girl
Provide Khmer land to Vietnam then they took control of it. controlled it...
From the 19th century to the 20th century
The french was heartless, it didn't think thoroughly
Dare took Khmer land and placed it under Vietnam controll
Khmer-Krom suffered to all these days. These days...
Kampuchea-Krom is belong to Khmer land
Even though the name was change by the Vietnamese
They not only changed the name of the provinces, they even changed the people last name
Thach, Son gave his life for the Khmer people to live. To live...
Traditional, cultural, and national language
We protested peacefully for the Vietnamese not to change them
In the temple, there are teachers and philosophers
The monks help protect (traditional, cultural, and language) so it doesn't disappear. Disappear...
There are 23 provinces plus two island
The Vietnamese took them all and change them to Vietnamese name
Eliminate all the evilness inorder to have peacefullness
There is only one thing left, we need to sue for it back. Bring back... 

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