30th Anniversary of the Women's History Project

Remarks at the 30th Anniversary of the Women's History Project
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
U.S. Capitol
Washington, DC
March 25, 2010
Oh, thank you. Thank you. Wow. This is about as good as it gets – (laughter) – to be here on the day to celebrate Women’s History Month with our Speaker and with so many friends. (Applause.) And I mean, it is a special blessing and I am so grateful to look around and see so many of you with whom I have worked and done so many important tasks and taken on so many difficult issues on behalf of our country. I am delighted to be here to be able to thank Nancy Pelosi for her leadership, to thank her for her courage – (applause) – and to see all those who made it possible, from, of course, Steny Hoyer and so many of you who have been in the trenches. I was so thrilled when that vote finally closed. (Laughter.)

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