Thai PM: Thai-Cambodian border clash will not intensify conflict

BANGKOK, Jan 25 (TNA) - Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva on Monday reaffirmed that fighting between military patrols of Thailand and Cambodia early Sunday in an area claimed by both neighbours will not intensify the current conflict between the two neighbouring countries.
The Thai premier commented following the Sunday clash at the Thai-Cambodian border near Si Sa Ket province which left two Thai army soldiers wounded.
Mr Abhisit said that such incidents occur from time to time as there is still illegal logging along the border.
The Thai prime minister however said he believes that the incident will not lead to further conflict as officials at the operational level in both countries will discuss to create mutual understanding.
Meanwhile, Thai army commander-in-chief Gen Anupong Paochinda reasserted that the 2nd Army Area Commander met in discussions with Cambodia’s 3rd Reinforcement Division about the clash and that he believed that no further incident will take place.
The commander of Thailand's Suranaree Task Force Unit 163 earlier reported that the fighting took place while a group of Thai Army Rangers were on patrol, and confronted Cambodian soldiers who were felling trees in Kantharalak district bordering Cambodia.
When Rangers shouted at the Cambodian soldiers asking their purpose in crossing over to the area, the Cambodian soldiers fired M79 grenades and automatic rifles at them.
The troops exchanged gunfire for over 20 minutes before the Khmer soldiers withdrew across the border.
Immediately after the clash, the senior Thai military officials met with their Cambodian counterpart and concluded that the incident was caused by misunderstanding.
They also agreed that soldiers of both sides would initially withdraw from areas near the clash site and return to their bases before officials of both countries will meet again Monday to discuss patrols in overlapping areas. (TNA)
 Political News : Last Update : 15:13:46 25 January 2010 (GMT+7:00)

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