PM Vows Following Mu Sochua Till End in Defamation Verdict

PM Vows Following Mu Sochua Till End in Defamation Verdict
Written by DAP NEWS -- Thursday, 13 August 2009 02:58

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on Wednesday said he

would pursue the defamation case against opposition Sam

Rainsy Party lawmaker Mu Sochua at the appeal court or

Supreme Court if she chooses to continue.
“I am ready to compete with you in all ways—if you go to the law,

I will follow. If you go with army, I will follow; if you go with policy,

I will follow,” the premier said during a graduation ceremony in

Phnom Penh.
“Who filed a complaint first?” the premier asked. “If you do not file

complaint, I will not either. You held a press conference in public

and then, when I filed complaint, you said it was unfair and

compromised freedom of speech.” NGOs and foreigners were

also subject to the

PM’s oblique irw. He accused outsiders of meddling in a case

where they had no jurisdiction. “You acknowledge the opposition’s

right, but you never stand for the government’s legal rights. Even

though I am holding the post of PM, I have my own rights myself.”
Hun Sen said he would still be prime minister “not only in 2013 or

2018, but also in 2023.”
Mu Sochua could not be reached for comment on Wednesday. She

has left for the US, but has previously stressed she would once again

face the court.
Yim Sovann, SRP spokesman, initially declined comment, saying

“I do not want to give details as to what the premier said. He himself

exactly understands it.”
“Actually, the premier has done his job because he has enough power

in all Government institutions,” he added. “I never use blaming words

about the Government, but I just try to give some recommendations for

what seem to be irregularities taking placing in the country, like

corruption cases, abuse of power and unfair systems.”
Asked about the next election, Yim Sovann said, “If citizens want to live

in an unfair society with abuses of power, vote for the premier. If they

want to live in a fair and safe society, they should consider this case.”
The verdict on the defamation case between Cambodian Prime Minister

Hun Sen and Mu Sochua, was finally reached on August 04, 2009.

Mu Sochua was found guilty of defaming the premier after a trial

lasting four months.
Phnom Penh Municipal Court ordered the opposition lawmaker to

pay CR16.5 million, of which CR8.5 must be paid in court charges,

with the remainder to be paid in damages to Hun Sen.
Mu Sochua faced the court without defense lawyer after her former

lawyer Kong Som Onn defected to the Cambodian People Party

(CCP) and sent an apology letter to the Premier Hun Sen.

Mu Sochua asked the court for Sok Sameoun, Cambodian

Consulting Lawyer director, to be her defense lawyer. He

declined her request.
Hun Sen filed lawsuits against both Mu Sochua and Kong Sam Onn

for the same offense, remarks allegedly made against him at a press

conference on April 23, 2009.

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