Mu Sochua leaves for US after Defamation Verdict

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Written by DAP-NEW -- Friday, 07 August 2009 03:08

Opposition Sam Rainsy Party (SRP) MP Mu Sochua, who was ordered to pay a fine of CR16.5 million to PM Hun Sen, left Cambodia on August 5 for the US. She will stay for several weeks on a personal visit.

Her travel to the US follows her complaint filed with the Appeal Court on August 5. She disagreed with the Phnom Penh Municipal Court’s ruling that she had defamed PM Hun Sen.

Some view her travel to the US at this time as an attempt to avoid further court appearance. She rejected such allegations, saying that “I go there for checking my health and take my children for study.”

“I am not in mind to avoiding the court case because I am a woman of my word practiced by principals,” she told DAP News Cambodia.

The premier’s defense lawyer Ky Tech said that he will follow Mu Sochua’s case to the Appeal Court or Supreme Court.

“It is her right to file to appeal court in case she did not approve the Phnom Penh municipal court’s ruling,” he said. “I am ready to follow her if she goes on with this case.”

SRP spokesman Yim Sovann declined comment on Mu Sochua’s travel to the US. “Now, I am busy so I cannot give any comment,” he told DAP News Cambodia.

A source from the US said that Mu Sochua will make an appearance at an event held for her on August 8.

The “chat talk party,” a concert with both Western and Khmer signers, will be tickets only. Entrance costs US$10.

The Appeal Court will call Mu Sochua for questioning but she has asked for an adjournment.

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