CPP, Vietnamese Communist Party to Cooperate on Human Resources

Written by DAP NEWS -- Tuesday, 11 August 2009 02:24

The Cambodian People’s Party (CCP) and Vietnamese Communist Party on Monday agreed to cooperate to train human resources of the two parties.
The vow was made during the official visit to Cambodia on Monday of the Vietnamese communist party’s member, Hoang Binh Guan and other Vietnamese delegation officials. Ieng Sophallet, an assistant to Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, told reporters after the meeting between the Cambodian premier and Guan at the National Assembly that “Hoang Binh Guan told the premier that Vietnamese Communist Party agrees to work with the CPP to promote better friendship, especially he promised and urged the upgrading human resources and training among the both parties, including exchange experiences.”
In response, the premier told the guests that he welcomes all discussion made by the both parties and urged the promotion of economic and trade cooperation between the two neighbors.

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