Cambodian FM to Send Diplomatic Note to Thailand over Plane

Written by DAP NEWS -- Tuesday, 11 August 2009 02:37

The Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation will send a diplomatic note to Thailand over a Thai plane’s unauthorized flight into Cambodian airspace last week, according to Koy Koung, a ministry spokesman.
“So far, we have not reached any details from the Defense Ministry related to this plane flying into Cam- bodian sovereignty yet,” Kuy Koung told DAP News Cambodia on Monday. “We are waiting for enough details from the Defense Ministry then we will send a diplomatic note Thailand.” Defense Ministry spokesman Chhum Socheat could not be reached for comment on Monday.
Srey Doeuk, chief of Cambodian forces at Preah Vihear said that a Thai plane flew 8 times into Cambodian airspace on August 7, 2009, rasing concerns of soldiers stationed nearby.
“The plane flew at in a high speed and when one of our army officials asked about this irregular event, in response, the Thai army said it was not a fighter plane or a bomber,” he said, adding that the Thais claimed the plane belonged to the Thai forestry administration, which it said is investigating forests in the area.
However, presumably unconvinced by such Thai claims, Srey Doeuk warned with strong words that the Thai army should not repeat the event.
A similar event occurred on April 03, 2009 when a Thai army plane flew into Cambodian airspace.
Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen warned Thailand over its illegal flight. “Cambodia does not have fighter planes or bombers, but Cambodia has weapons to shoot these planes down,” he said.

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