2008 Election Discussed

2008 Election Discussed
Written by DAP-NEW -- Wednesday, 12 August 2009 01:58

The US Ambassy held a seminar on Tuesday with the Institute of Democracy International Affairs, COMFREL and NEFIC the discuss the conduct of general elections and improvement on the weak points in last year’s vote. Charge D’Affaires Ted Allegra said in a statement that the main purposes of seminar were “to ensure for accountability of participants in election season in Cambodian and management.”

“In Cambodia, there are good in all Election Day and no violent occurred,” Allegra added.

“Although, Cambodian Election Processing (CEP) still not better in face of the democracy and Freedom,” he continued, “Most of problem focus on general clarity during Election Day.”

Cambodian Secretary of State for the Interior Ministry (MI) Sak Setha said that “The improvement of Cambodian election was increased. International and national observers noticed that Cambodian election seasons are progressing step by step to become democratic.”

The MI secretary of state told DAP News Cambodia that “The improvement of course is the good way to push the CEP to resolve and inprove the economic crisis, reduce poverty, and Cambodian society development.”

“We must be fully involved together to reform our election processing to ensure that we continue developing as we have been since 1993,” Setha added.

Leader of the eponymous opposition party Sam Rainsy stated at the seminar that “There were more inefficiencies in the CEP. We should take some experiences from foreign rules and implement them to improve the situation here.”

“There are some points that are better than in the past but this doesn’t mean all is well. Violence was rare during the vote, especially there were no killings, but not everything was clear. Voters missed their opportunity to vote.”

Koul Panha, executive director of COMFREL, said that “The ministry of Interior was a main agent in formatting the processing of the Cambodian election.”

The National Democracy Institute (NDI) reported that “All formatting of the Cambodian election reform is widely processed, so it demands that the Royal Cambodian Government must join to resolve these concerns.”

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